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161 condom sayings(some of there are funny)
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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

heyy im Brizzle umm.. im new at this ....but umm this will be funn...

This is a pic of me....i kno dont make fun of me  i already kno that im ugly....


Favorite Stuff


Favorite sopt: ohh u kno
Favorite Movie: the green mile
Favorite Music: the ahh mix(SHELBERT)
Favorite Book: i dont evne kno what a book is
Favorite Food:...gum? is that a food

Favorite Quotes

When you love someone
It makes people do
crazy things
Maybe thats why I do such pathetic things
Like count the minutes until I see
you or hear your voice again

                 ME N CARA BEING RANDOM
cara-slow down ur gunna hit the dog..
ME-what dog?
caras mom-cara what dog?
cara-the one walkin in to the almost hit him he looked like lasie to..

Brizzle loves James